Journey To Online Teaching -Online Teaching – Blog Series 10/26/2013

Last week I wrote a post Online Teaching Strategies Suggestion? After more consideration I have decided this would make a good blog series “Journey To Online Teaching” (JOT).  I plan to write about my journey to becoming an online teacher in the fall of 2014.   I have started my journey by taking the first of two online courses. The first is called “Today’s Online Teacher” and is offered free on The Canvas Network.  It is being taught by the people at If you wish to register just go to the register page.  What is even better is if you post your projects before the deadline you will get feedback from a professional online teacher.

Here is the description of the course:

This course will take you through the skills required to become a quality online teacher. Quality online teachers add the most important component to a learners online experience, the human component. Quality online teachers successfully connect student to student, student to teacher, student to content, student to the world and student to the future.

In order to get a certificate of completion you need to complete the quiz and project for each Module.   Come join me in my journey by reading my blog here and/or joining the course.   If you would like to see what I am doing in my projects just take a look at my ePortfolio on Canvas.  I made it public for you all to see.

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