Socrative Data Mining using Google Sheets 10/3/2014

I thought this might be a useful bit of information to post.  As part of my effective educator evaluation process in Pennsylvania I created a spreadsheet to data mine Socrative Quick Questions.  When you create a socrative quick question and finish it you are given the option of downloading an Excel sheet or saving it to google .  I wanted a way of collating multiple questions into one sheet.  I wrote a script in  Google sheets and created a Data mining spreadsheet.  Here is the link.  Feel free to work from what I have to make it suitable for you.  Right now it only work on the free response quick question.



1) upload several quick questions to a folder in Google drive. (make sure you select that you want them converted to Google sheets)

2) Open the SocrativeDataMine spreadsheet. (You NEEED to save a local copy from the share link)

3) Choose Data Mine from the Socrative Drop Down (the first time this runs you will need to approve the script)

4) enter the name of the folder you stored the sheets in. (If you type in a folder that does not have the data or that you did not create it will probably crash and might mess up the SocrativeDataMine sheet.  If that happens just make another copy ..maybe even have your own backup copy just in case I disappear on Google.)

5) Let the script run…you will see some data appear on your spreadsheet.  The script also creates a new spreadsheet in your drive with all the collated data so feel free to run this again as it will create a new file each time.

Hope this is useful please post any updates you make to this script on your own.

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