Digital Integration Specialist (DIS) Information

Yep pardon the pun this is my DIS Information post!!!

First… we have this is a noise monitor for your classroom. A fun way to let the kids know visually and with sound that they are getting a bit loud and need to quiet down..

Second … Google sheets now has a timeline feature.!!!!! It is super cool and easy to use. Here is a blog (yep people still do that) post on it

Third… Mastodon… the alternative to the bird site. It is a open-source decentralized site. If you put in #edTech or look for the group @edtooters you will see some great resources there. Be aware though you should not be pushing this in class as it is “DECENTRALIZED” and the rules are a social contract. However the birdsite is not very safe anymore either…

Fourth… As always remember you can Get a DIS appointment if you need one!!!

At you DIS service


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